Other Loan Options

Personal Loans

For life’s surprises and mishaps, your membership with Progressions offers personal loans that fit your lifestyle and offers choices that are safe and affordable. A Progressions personal loan provides you with quick cash with very little collateral required.



At Progressions Credit Union, we are proud to serve our members by helping them finance their dream home whether that is through a home loan, or a home equity loan from Progressions.   We believe that if you buy your home in Spokane, then you should finance locally instead of using a big national bank. Progressions Credit Union – NMLS #784627


Savings/Certificate Secured

Earn exceptional rates on our share and certificate pledges.

  • Share Pledged
  • Certificate Pledged


 Wealth/Credit Builder Loans

The Wealth/Credit Builder loan is ideal for members who do not have established credit or who are looking to repair their credit.   

 How does it work? We issue a loan with a maximum of 24 month term.  The loan proceeds are deposited into a savings account which is frozen. You make monthly payments to this loan.  Once the loan is paid off, you not only have established credit history, you have established a savings account too! The rate for this loan is 6% above the interest rate of the savings account that secures the loan.